Monday, 13 April 2015

Ingredients you shouldn’t use

Caramel colour
“Though the research revealing the potential carcinogenicity of caramel colour was done using animals, I still think it’s better to play it safe and avoid any products with this ingredient” – Joy Bauer, nutrition and health expert.

“It’s a thickener that’s often found in dairy and milk products, I’m not convinced on its safety yet. So, until it’s proved safe, it’s something I avoid.” – Brooke Alpert, founder of B Nutritious.

Artificial sweeteners
“Yes, artificial sweeteners are void of calories – but their negatives surely outweigh their “zero-calorie” claim to fame.
The unfortunate truth is that these processed sweeteners have been linked with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes and increased caloric intake throughout the day. Artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes are up to 700 times sweeter than natural sugar and only make you crave more, while loading you up with chemicals” – Keri Glassman

Trans fats
“These are artificial unsaturated fats that are added to processed foods to increase shelf life. Unfortunately, they also increase your risk for heart disease.” – Michele Davenport, a Silicon Valley nutritionist.